Let me use this medium to welcome all of you to Battlefield Ministries, a place where broken hearts are mended and visions become reality.

Upcoming Event  2nd July-1st Oct. 2017 90 Days Fasting and Prayers Theme: Sanctify ye a fast call a solemn assembly gather the elders and all the inhabitants of the land into the house of the Lord  your God and cry unto unto the Lord.Text Joel 1 verse 14 & Joel 2 verse 12.


Connect to African Missionary Work in   Rural Communities(Ghana) 

Sometimes people wonder why I emphasize soulwinning so much. An evangelist once preached at our church and asked how many of our folks went soulwinning on a regular basis.

we need to have time allways win Souls that going to hell look at how people are going ..........

Imagine a man having a cure for cancer and keeping the news to himself. Imagine seeing someone about to be run over by a car and not trying to warn him. How much worse it is for those of us who know the only escape from eternal damnation to keep it from those desperately in need of this truth.

"He That Winneth Souls is Wise"

Soul Winning is Difficult Work

Now, it is a difficult form of work. It is more difficult than preaching; it is more difficult than attending conventions; more difficult than giving goods to the poor. (When you do give goods to the poor, don't wait until the moths have eaten holes in them.

Just Click on the pictuer to fine this sad news


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Connect to African Missionary Work in Rural Communities(Ghana)